Wright Family Chiropractic Serves Washington County, OH

Chiropractic Care for Residents in Belpre, Marietta, & Beverly, OH

Wright Family Chiropractic serves the chiropractic needs of the residents of Washington County, Ohio, including Belpre, Marietta, Beverly, and all of the surrounding areas. Our compassionate and professional team is here to help get you back on the road to recovery following your accident, injury, or diagnosis with degenerative disease. Although these unfortunate conditions can certainly cause pain, there is no reason for you to have to suffer. Call Wright Family Chiropractic today at (304) 422-2301 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

Contact us today if you reside in any of the following areas in Washington County, OH:

  • Barlow
  • Bartlett
  • Belpre
  • Beverly
  • Dunham
  • Lowell
  • Lower Salem
  • Macksburg
  • Marietta
  • New Matamoras
  • Newport
  • Salem
  • Stockport
  • Waterford
  • Watertown

Natural Pain Relief Available in Parkersburg, WV

Wright Family Chiropractic in Parkersburg, WV, offers safe, natural methods of pain relief that address the actual cause of the pain (instead of masking the symptoms with drugs and other methods that may ultimately do more harm than good). By correcting the cause of your pain with accuracy and forethought, your prospects of complete or significant recovery are great. With your commitment and our knowledge, we can work together as a team to accomplish remarkable pain relief. We will work on your goal to regain the adequate health that you need to resume your normal activities.

Herniated Discs, Sprains, Strains, Sports Injuries, & Pain

Some of the conditions that we commonly treat for residents of Washington County, OH include:

  • Herniated Discs
  • Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Sports Injuries
  • Injuries Resulting from Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Vertebral Subluxation
  • Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and other Degenerative Conditions

Stress Can Destroy Your Health

Many people are surprised to learn that unabated stress can play a significant role in destroying your health. When we are stressed out, our bodies tend to tense up, our heart rate and blood pressure rises, and stress hormones flood through the body causing widespread tension and pain. Constant stress and the tension that it causes in your muscles can cause extreme pain, stiffness, and soreness throughout the body. 

If you are a Washington County, OH resident who is experiencing extreme stress as well as muscle tension and pain, we can help. We have several methods of “loosening you up,” including electrostimulation, professional massage, chiropractic adjustments, and mechanical tables to loosen up the attachments that have formed and allow your muscles to finally relax and heal.

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