Cold Laser Therapy from Wright Family Chiropractic in Parkersburg, WV

Revolutionary Low Intensity Laser Therapy in the Mid-Ohio Valley

A major problem when it comes to damaging the spine is the amount of tissue that is liable to be damaged in the recovery process. While laser therapy is usually the answer for a lot of issues with spinal injuries, it is still risky to operate a laser near vital tissue, because it could accidentally get heated. Dr. Wright specializes in the process of cold laser therapy, which is a safer way to treat damage without heating up your tissue. Cold Laser Therapy can also be known as:

  • Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
  • Low-power Laser Therapy (LPLT)
  • Soft Laser Biostimulation
  • Photobiomodulation

The purpose of cold laser therapy is to still apply laser technology to injuries, but at a low level of light, so as not to heat the tissue. The cold laser therapy typically treats with lasers at wavelengths between 600 and 700 nanometers. This procedure is completely painless and only takes a few minutes to perform. Call Wright Family Chiropractic today at (304) 422-2301 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

Erchonia Cold Laser Services for Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury

Wright Family Chiropractic focuses on advanced technology in the care of our patients. This includes our Erchonia Cold Laser, which is a low-level laser that improves cellular functions by either stimulating or inhibiting them, depending on the patient’s ailment. As the only FDA-approved therapeutic laser application for the peripheral-central nervous system, the Erchonia laser is used to treat many different types of musculoskeletal issues, and has shown to:

  • Decrease edema and inflammation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase lymphocyte activity, which improves the immune system
  • Increase production of ATP
  • Regenerate damaged nerve tissue
  • Relieve pain by up to 59%
  • Remove myofascial restrictions on muscles
  • Restore muscle strength and function
  • Speed healing and recovery by up to 50%

What Is Cold Laser Therapy Used For?

Trained therapists can use cold laser therapy for a wide variety of ailments that go beyond the scope of a chiropractor. It does, however, have some of its strongest impacts on chiropractic patients. Whether it be regular aches and pains or a sports injury, Dr. Wright will be certain to suggest cold laser therapy when he feels it could be effective. When it comes to chiropractic care, he can implement cold laser therapy in the following ways:

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Inflammation

If you don’t see your ailment on the list, or have a question about whether or not your conditions can be treated with cold laser therapy, call Wright Family Chiropractic at (304) 422-2301 or message us online. You can also visit our office, located at 2301 Camden Avenue, Parkersburg, WV 26101.

Should I Do Cold Laser Therapy?

If you are not familiar with laser therapy, we understand. Dr. Wright would be happy to explain the intricacies of the procedures to you and give you recommendations of whether or not cold laser is right for you. That being said, this is what we can tell you about it: The FDA approves cold laser therapy as safe when performed by a qualified doctor. It does not require medication, and is completely painless and short. Treatment frequency varies according to the needs of each patient. Dr. Wright will review the schedule of visits with you so you know what to expect. We encourage you to call our office today.